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As a young girl growing up in Northern Europe, in a little country called Estonia I was always passionate about food. I lived in the countryside on a big farm with animals, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens. Everything eaten was according to the season.  The anticipation brought on by awaiting summer to pick my first strawberry or take in the comforting aroma of a freshly ripened tomato will be remembered always.  I consider myself very fortunate to grow up eating only organically grown fruits and vegetables.  Of course, as a child, I did not know the true value of it that time. One of my favourite memories was waking up every morning excited to pick the fresh eggs that our chickens laid. The egg yolks were a vivid orange and tasted heavenly. Our food was simple, and our meals consisted of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and little animal protein. It would have been completely out of the ordinary for my family to cook something packaged from a grocery store.

I make it a priority to establish an open, cooperative relationship with our clients. The goal is to partner with you to achieve optimum health and wellness success.I make it a priority to establish an open, cooperative relationship with our clients. The goal is to partner with you to achieve optimum health and wellness success.

When I was eight, I began to experiment with cooking.  My mother worked long hours and, being the eldest, it was simply expected of me to prepare the meals for our family. My passion was baking and, by the time I was twelve years old, making cakes was “a piece of cake”!  My passion and love of cooking and baking was so great that by the age of twenty-one, I graduated with honours and became a chef and restaurant manager.

When I made Canada my new home, I was shocked by the “food culture”.  I lived in the little town of Bolton, that lies on a Green Belt, and quickly discovered that not many people had a garden or animals in their backyard, and that most of their foods, were packaged.  No one made fresh pasta or bread!  Foods came frozen and there was an abundance of drive-thru restaurants! I felt saddened by this because foods in the stores looked good, like the “picture perfect” waxed apples, but nothing tasted or smelled the same as in Estonia.

It also came as a shock to me that packaged food had such a long expiry date.  I could not understand how it is possible for milk to last for thirty days, and cheese to be able to stay fresh for six months, and that strawberries were available all year round.  The strawberries looked delicious but were lacking in taste and smell.  The list goes on and on.

And, so, every year, I had an overpowering urge to go back to Estonia just to be able to smell my mother’s garden, pick fresh mouth-watering strawberries for breakfast, go fishing for lunch, and pick fresh, crisp vegetables for dinner!  This is when I came to realize how truly ORGANIC my childhood was back then.

After living in Canada for two decades, I started to develop food sensitivities.  At first I did not understand what was wrong with me.  My stomach ached, I suffered from constipation, bloating, flatulence, and other health issues. Until just three years ago, I got tested for food intolerances and my list was endless and I was left with the feeling that there was simply nothing I could eat which would not add to my pain and discomfort.

I became frustrated and upset, almost depressed as I felt hopeless.  I consulted so many doctors, but not one of them could offer me any straight answers on how to fix my health issues. I realized that I had to be my own doctor and take matters into my own hands.

I heard about a school called CSNN, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and I attended one of their open house seminars, and from that moment I knew to, “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

After studying at school for over two and a half years, a whole new world opened for me. The most important part by far was being able to heal my own gut so as not experience all that pain and discomfort any longer.  I wanted to help my close family members and friends to feel better by simply changing their eating habits.

Today, my mission is to help and coach as many people as I can who are suffering as I once did.  I wish to offer my assistance to those who have been in my shoes who find themselves struggling with digestion or other health issues.  I would like for them to know that there is hope for better health that can be achieved by a change in eating habits.

I am so grateful that I was able to discover a truly amazing program that has helped me find relief and to live a happier and healthier life.  This program originated in Europe in Germany.  It is called the Metabolic Balance® Program and is completely based on science.  It does not use a generic approach and is not focused on a specific blood type.  This program caters to an individual’s needs according to their own bloodwork. There is a simple way to RESET your whole body, by simple eating according to your own bloodwork results.

It is my intention to help change peoples lives by improving their health. As a Metabolic Balance® Coach, and client, I have firsthand experience and wish to share my findings and expertise to help people by showing them how to change their eating habits and to make them experience the power of nature and a NAG diet, (Natural Alive Good Quality Food).

My Belief

I have been taught by the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) that in North America we are overfed but undernourished. Who would think that in our modern civilization that malnutrition is one of the most crucial problems we suffer from?

Following this realization creates a new insight: the quality of the foods eaten affects the degree of well-being experienced. It is easy to comprehend that artificially created foods, or foods grown under sub-optimal conditions, cannot contribute to the ingredients necessary to good health. Only natural, wholesome foods can produce the degree of health that brings peace of mind and enjoyment of life. In our society, this requires constant vigilance as to what we choose to eat.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist &
Metabolic Balance® Coach

The properties of natural nutrients are best summed up in these four words:

natural, alive and good quality.


As in unprocessed, unrefined foods, such as whole grains and legumes.


Meaning that it still contains live enzymes, such as fruit, vegetables, and sprouts.


Meaning grown in soil rich in essential nutrients such as organically grown foods (pesticide free and grown live without synthetic fertilizers).