How it Works

Discover How to Lose Weight and become Healthy the Natural Way

How does the Metabolic Balance® Program Work?


The Metabolic Balance® program is a unique nutritional plan based on your bloodwork results.

So, we base each plan off of your individual bloodwork results and create a customized plan that will work for YOU, because everyone and every BODY is different.

Most other diets have a 15% to 22% success rate. We know you have tried other diets before, but this is not a diet. This is a lifestyle SHIFT. The Metabolic Balance® program has a 67% success rate! Far more than any other plan!

Our program includes your personal nutrition plan, along with 8 Simple Basic Rules that are really easy to follow. They will be second nature to you within the first week. It is simple and it has worked for over 1 million clients in 35 countries all over the world for the past 25 years!

We specialize in helping our clients to lose weight, balance hormones, and reset their health through the Metabolic Balance® program and we would love to work with you!

What is Metabolic Balance®?

Your blood is the key to creating your personalized nutrition plan.

Metabolic Balance® is a holistic food based nutrition plan, designed to regulate metabolism, manage insulin levels, and balance hormones. This sophisticated system encourages your body to listen to it’s own biochemistry, creating a personalized “roadmap” to reach your ideal weight naturally and sustainably. Consider it a powerful “reset” button for your body’s metabolism.

Who Can Benefit?

The program offers you a personalized nutrition plan based on an in-depth analysis of 36 different blood lab values and your personal profile. Your personalized plan will indicate exactly which natural foods and the quantity you should eat them, in order to balance your personal “body chemistry” with the right “food chemistry”. If weight loss is your goal, you can experience rapid weight reduction.

Metabolic Balance® is 100% natural! NO hunger, NO cravings, NO injections/pills/shakes, NO keeping “points” or counting calories. Your local grocery store and farmers market can easily provide all the wholesome nutrient rich foods listed on your personalized nutrition plan.

Metabolic Balance® – Individualized Program

  • Improper nutrition can cause metabolic and hormonal imbalances which can result in weight gain and other disorders.
  • To achieve and maintain a balanced metabolism, your body needs a unique combination of nutrients.
  • This can vary greatly from person to person. One approach does not fit everyone.
  • This solution for a healthy and balanced diet was developed by a German medical doctor, Dr. Wolf Funfack and his team of physicians and nutritional scientists. This sophisticated program is based on more than 20 years of clinical research and practical experience.
  • The Metabolic Balance® all natural weight management program provides an individualized nutritional food plan based on more than 30 of your blood values which are simply taken from your blood sample and analyzed.

Weight Management the Natural Way

»Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food« Hippocrates

  • A Program Tailored to Your Unique Body Chemistry. Finally, a scientific solution based on more than 30 of your blood values that leads to natural sustainable weight adjustment.
  • Balanced Metabolism. Balanced Life. Wholesome natural foods. Balanced carbs and protein. Natural adjustment. No hunger. No cravings. No plateau. And yes, you can dine out!
  • Designed Just for You. Receive an individualized food plan based on your unique blood values. Innovative four-phase program. Structured and easy to follow. Personal coaching sessions. Your road map to lasting success.
  • Balanced Wellness. Experience the empowerment of optimized wellness and improved health. Feel energized and fantastic! We invite you to try this remarkable program yourself.